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Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In: Oak Harbor, WA USA
Spouse/Partner: Ken
Occupation: homemaker
Children: 3 birth 8 step-28 grands & 19 great grands My daughter.Jodie is 48 & my 2 boys,Scott & Troy are 54& More…56 !.WHEW!! My "other" children range in ages 50
to 65
..There are just too many for me to go into details,but they are all healthy & happy.......

I had a lot of "lost years"after school. I was pretty wild & drank a lot.I've been sober for 25years now. I did wait until I was 21 before I started,but look out from than on!I had my son Scott in 1963. I married Sonny Skinner in 1964. divorced him in 1969. We were not that good for each other but he gave me a wonderful son,Troy.Can't argue with that! My daughter Jodie was born in 1971.Her Dad & I divorced in 1973. Well I'm not doing so good in the "love department" so far. I married again & divorced.again! In 1982 I married for the 4th time. This time to a man w/8 children,a steady job & a home in Washington.. "Get this woman out of Oregon!!" We've been married now for 37
years.Whew I FINALLY GOT SOMETHING RIGHT! I'd always worked as a bartender/waitress when I was young.I worked for a few years in Anchorage during the 70's. Very Crazy time to be there.. I worked at the Eastside,LaPaloma,& the Palomino before I moved to Wash.There I had my own house cleaning business before my husband & I started our construction company after he retired. He had worked for Carnation Dairy for 35 yrs.
. In 1991 I became a born again Christian & cleaned my life up & have been serving the Lord since. I am blessed to have had such an adventurous life & survived,& to have my children survive their crazy mothers antics.. God is good! In 2002 I was diagnosed w/breast cancer & I have now been cancer free for 11 years. Does life get any better?!!
I am very blessed to be alive as I have now lost a very dear niece to breast cancer & I have a sisterJulie who has been fighting it for over 20 yrs.along w/ a secondary liver cancer.Last yr. my cousin who lives in Payette had a double mastectomy ,also another sister was diagnosed w/breast cancer&had a double masectomy& now this year my brother Ronnie has just been diagnosed w/cancer....Cherish those you love...& tell them how much they mean to you.. ..I lost my brother Ronnie on Aug.12,2011.He died from end stages of C.O.P.D.My heart will always hurt a little..I lost my nephew Jimmy on Feb.11th of 2012.My sister Julie who fought so hard to overcome cancer lost her battle in Nov.2012. My dear sister Joyce only has her 3 grandchildren,now.We don't always understand God's plan for us but we know its all in His hands. As we get older our losses come faster,it seems.I have been sooo blessed. I was diagnosed last year with C.O.P.D & macular degeneration.,BUT God is so good!!
What a blessing it is to read & see pictures of you who have sent in pictures & did your profile.Its like meeting you all over again. I encourage all of you to do your profile & send pics. so we can see how beautiful you all are. God Bless You my dear classmates & friends.... Since I last up-dated this I have been blessed again! It seems that my ex-doctor misdiagnosed me about the C.O.P.D. After a new doctor & some extensive tests they have concluded that I never had C.O.P.D after all!! It was like getting extra years added onto my life as c.o.p.d. is a terminal disease...It looks like I will be around for a while longer which is a good thing because we are expecting 6 new additions to our BIG family!!3 more great grandchildren,a great nephew,a great niece & a great- great nephew! Does it get any better? LOL This March I had surgery to remove a cancer they found in my left breast...Praise God as they removed it all along with some lymph nodes . I don't have to do chemo or radiation this time.I do take a chemo pill for 10 years....let me see... So far I am doing so good and feeling so blessed. I plan on being around for a while....."watch out folks,its not over til its over!! LOL BTW I have 3 more great grandbabies....that makes about 27 or 28..I can't keep up with those kids!! LOL

School Story:

I just loved all of school. When I was young I used it as an escape from a troubled & abusive home,but when I moved in w/ my Mom & all those brothers & sisters I had never met.,it was a joy to go to school. I had so much fun my 3 years at Ontario.They were the some of the best years of my life!
I loved Miss Petry.Not because she was such a good teacher,but because she was such an interesting person. Mrs. Johnson was funny to watch,but a good teacher.. I think my favorite was Mr. Ashby.He taught me so much abt. art & how to treat other people just by the way he treated his students. I think we were all blessed by the teachers we had,& than some were still around to teach my boys! Mr. Ashby taught art when my boys were in school & Tommy Ogawa taught my son Troy.

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Diane was always a very friendly sometimes shy person. But she made a special effort to come over and talk to me at my table during our last reunion and it meant a lot to me. Thats just one of the things I will take with me about Diane, her willingness to put herself "out there" to make me & my sister feel welcome. She was just a very dear lady.......We send our sincere condolences to her family and all her many friends....


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On your birthday I pray that your day is sooo blessed my friend...Have a great day basking in the love that is felt for you from so many people. You are one of the kindest, sweetest ,caring women I know. CELEBRATE YOU!!! Love ya my dear friend. God Bless.

Sep 03, 2016 at 11:16 AM

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have a very blessed day today Bob. ENJOY celebrating you!

Aug 22, 2016 at 10:18 PM

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY" Pat I hope you have a great day celebrating you! God bless you Pat. Have a wonderful birthday.

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Clydie I hope all is well in your life...It seems to go really fast now doesn't it?!! I want to wish you a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" on the 5th. Are you still in Hermiston? We go thru abt. once a year on our way to Ontario to see my mom and the rest of the family. Have a wonderful birthday and God bless you all.

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I know I will be early but wanted to wish you a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" on the 6th. We have a busy April with birthdays as the 1st. 4 days someone has a b-day, and it goes on & on from there for April . Anyway I pray that you will have a good day. Gods blessings to you and yours

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granddaughterScotts) Demi Osburn & her mama
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grandaughter(Troy's) Samantha Skinner
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great grandson Mathew
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my grandson Patrick(Scotts)& his wife LauraLee
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 10:15 PM
granddaughters Michelle,Bethany & Susie